Zoom Meditation Procedures

In order to provide meditation services at a relatively low cost, all meditations are conducted by Zoom utilizing the following procedures:

We use one monitor. During the mediator's introduction, the meditator will have all participants together so that the introduction is only provided one time. All participants are expected to remain silent during this short period of time. You will be provided an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the introduction.

After the introduction, the mediator will meet with one of the parties and their counsel (Party # 1). The other party and their counsel (Party # 2) will be asked to leave the meeting until they are requested to return. The request to return will be made via a phone call to the party or their attorney. The phone number is to be provided to the mediator by email prior to the mediation.

During the time the mediator is meeting with Party # 1, the other party (Party # 2) must be readily available to be contacted by the mediator by phone. This meeting will provide Party # 1 the opportunity to explain their position and will allow the mediator an opportunity to ask relevant questions before meeting with Party #2. Party #2 must be readily available to be contacted by the mediator by phone.

At some point, the mediator will ask Party #1 to leave the meeting so the meeting with Party # 2 can commence promptly.

The mediator will then meet with Party #2. During this meeting Party # 2 will explain their position and will be asked relevant questions by the mediator.

The process of allowing the mediator to meet privately with each side will be repeated as necessary with each party having an opportunity to add facts while permitting the mediator to ask additional questions.

During the initial meetings with the mediator, and at all subsequent sessions, the parties should be prepared to discuss specifically what they want and why, and concessions they are willing to make, if any.

If minimal or no progress is being made, each party should consider whether it wants to authorize the mediator to make a mediator's proposal.

The parties are required to scan and email any documents they want the mediator to read at least 48 hours before the scheduled rnediation.

All parties are required to join the meeting at least 5 minutes before start time.

Please be sure to have technical assistance available if you need it.

Please contact our office is anything is unclear, or you have any questions.